Corey Chiropractic



Dr. Corey is a great person who actually can help people.  She is really good, and I like her a lot.  My back used to really hurt me because I had a really bad bicycle accident and now it feels better.  She really helps me, and her place is great.  She's a great person too.  I like visiting with her; she makes me smile.  If your back is aching or maybe another part of your body is not so well, she can fix it right up.  I really like going there.
-Zion S.

In the summer of 2015, Dr. Corey and her staff visited my workplace for a staff appreciation event that was organized by a co-worker and long-time Dr. Corey patient.  I signed up for the complimentary 10-minute chair massage (who wouldn't?) and said very little about concerns I had with upper shoulder pain and numbness in my left arm.  I had tolerated these issues for about a year and thought it just a part of aging.

During the massage, Dr. Corey asked a few probing questions, and I reluctantly admitted that I was not feeling 100% (who is?).  She recommended that I come to her office and start a treatment program.  I was skeptical, but decided to give it a try.  I'll never forget our first conversation in her office.  "How do you feel?" she asked.  I said, "I feel okay."  "Just okay?  Don't you want to feel awesome?"  She was so confident that she could help me, I smiled and decided that I did want to feel awesome!

Prior to this, I never gave chiropractic care much of a second thought, but I can tell you that after sticking to her plan, I am a believer in the benefits.  We started with twice weekly visits, and I noticed improvement right away.  Soon, I was feeling awesome and now I only need to visit once per month to keep everything in alignment.

I can't say enough about Dr. Corey and her wonderful staff.  Everyone is welcoming, pleasant and helpful.  And, treat yourself to a massage with Leslie every now and then.  It's amazing how feeling awesome can impact every area of your life.

Thanks, Dr. Corey and staff!
-Natalie F.

I learned the value of chiropractic care at a fairly young age.  I was an athlete plagued with hip and knee pain.  My parents took me to an amazing doctor with a practice incorporating nutrition and overall wellness.  I loved him.  When he relocated his practice to Ellijay, GA, I was devastated.  I hung up my cleats and running spikes.  I refused to trust anyone else with my alignment. 

Fast forward 20+ years to Spring 2016.  I was rededicated to getting healthy and injured myself in the process.  I was in so much pain I was hardly able to walk.  I began researching local Chiropractors; this was a big step for me.  I decided to give Dr. Corey at shot.  She was local, took my insurance, and had tons of 5 star reviews.  I am so happy I gave Corey Chiropractic a chance.  From the moment I walked in I knew I loved Dawn.  Her bright smile and sense of humor always brighten my day.  During my first visit Dr. Corey spent the time to find out my complete medical history and listen to my concerns.  She has continued to help me both physically and mentally these past months.  I am so grateful for her knowledge and holistic approach to help me achieve my goals of better health!  I couldn’t be happier with my decision!

-Melissa N.

I love Dr. Cory and her staff, they are caring.  Dr. Cory is fast, focused, and efficient.  I have been under Physical therapy care for months for a neck injury in an auto accident.  Dr. Cory has approached my injury with an aggressive treatment plan that focuses on short-term and long-term resolution.  After my second visit, my neck pain and headaches have been reduced in intensity and I have been able to exercise for the first time in months.

-Luis A.

After several months in pain and not sleeping well, a friend recommended that I go to see Dr. Corey. In January of 2016, I had my first visit. I had been hurting on my right side at all my joints and having been to chiropractors in the past, I didn’t expect much relief from one visit. I was completely wrong! That first night I slept almost entirely through the night for the first time in months. Since then I have continued to steadily improve. I have been able to get back to hiking, gardening and sleeping; all of which I wasn’t able to do because of the pain. Thank you so much Dr. Corey for helping me in getting my life back.  --Melody S.

As we decided to start walking down the path of adding a child to our family, I knew that I wanted to find someone that could help me go through all of the physical changes that would occur over the next year as I have had back and knee pain in the past.  I put out the call for chiropractor recommendations on Facebook, and the person that got the most recommendations was by far Dr. Corey.  I started seeing Dr. Corey in June of last year, and I believe that I had the smooth pregnancy, child birth, and recovery because of her work. Her adjustments and help dealing with the random pregnancy symptoms that popped up were invaluable.  She recommended various supplements, stretches, and even therapeutic massage to deal with the aches and pains that arose. During our daughter's first adjustment at five days old, Dr. Corey found that she needed almost no adjustment due in part to my adjustments during pregnancy.  A big thank you to Dr. Corey and the staff of Corey Chiropractic!

--Spring V.

Dr. Corey is not just adjusting my spine, she is adjusting my life!  I was having stabbing intense pain in the upper rib cage area and shoulders.  After seeing both my general practitioner and cardiologist with no help at all, I thought it was time to give another method at try.   Dr. Corey and her staff impressed me from the very first visit with their sincerity and genuine concern for my health and wellness.   The day after my first adjustment, I actually felt better than I had in years!!   I knew, however, that this would be a process that might take a few months.  I have been a patient since November and continue to feel better and better after every visit.  Dr. Corey has been blessed with the ability and knowledge to get to the root of the problem and correct it....she is also a great emotional therapist!!   I'm still on the journey, but feel so fortunate to have Dr. Corey helping me back to optimum health.  --Karen G.

When I met Dr. Corey in July 2013, I was in a very bad place. I was suffering from severe TMJ. I couldn’t open my mouth more than a few millimeters, was in constant pain, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and was popping Advil several times a day. I had already seen a “specialist” and was referred for physical therapy. PT did absolutely nothing for me, so I was heart-broken when the specialist prescribed more physical therapy. I was told I needed more “aggressive treatment” to get my mouth to open. I’m not sure exactly what that entailed, but it wasn’t something I wanted to try. My mouth wasn’t opening and I’m not sure forcing it open dealt with the core issue. I was desperate. At a friend’s suggestion, I made an appointment with Dr. Corey. After my first visit, I was able to open my mouth again! It wasn’t 100%, but I was finally able to eat something besides soft food. It was nothing short of miraculous, in my opinion. I continue to see Dr. Corey regularly and I am now pain free for the first time in almost 9 months. I can open my mouth fully and can do so without pain. I can eat and sleep again. And the best part is I haven’t taken Advil for several months. I don’t even think about my jaw anymore. I’m so thankful I found Dr. Corey!   -Angela

Dr. Corey, Rhonda, & Leslie have been part of my ongoing healing process and I couldn’t be any happier I found them!!!  Dr. Corey and her staff truly care about their patients and it shows. I love that fact that Dr. Corey is so positive and encouraging, and I love her holistic approach of body, mind and soul.  With a chronic back condition it’s easy to get frustrated and down in the dumps, but with Dr. Corey and her staff I don’t stay there long!!!  If you want to start healing and living the life your you were meant to, you need to make Corey Chiropractic part of your recovery!!  I am well on my way to Living the Life I was meant to live!!!!   -Eric L
I had never been to a chiropractor before visiting Dr. Corey last fall. I had tried “traditional” doctors to work with my knee pain from arthritis and general back pain from working a job where I stand all day. After the first adjustment (where I was nervous) I knew this was different. I have continued to visit Dr. Corey for regular adjustments and followed her home care instructions, her attention to me has caused a major quality of life improvement. She does amazing work and I recommend her highly to anyone who will listen. Corey Chiropractic is an amazing practice and I am so happy (and pain free) to be her patient!   -Allison F.
There are times in your life when you make a decision that is truly life changing. This is the case with me when I chose to go to Dr. Corey and make some definite changes in my overall health. The minute I walked in I felt comfortable. Rhonda, the office manager, made me feel right at home. Dr. Corey, then as now, really listened to me and my concerns. Since that initial visit, we have discussed chiropractic issues as well as nutrition and general health topics. I always learn something new and significant every time I go there. Most importantly, for the first time in years, I feel really good. There is no doubt in my mind that Corey Chiropractic is the reason I am living the life I deserve.   -Ruth H.
Thank you for making me your patient of the Month!  You, Rhonda, & Trisha have meant so much to me and I know that you all were a God Send.  After three years of chronic back pain, 6 Epidural Spine Treatments, physical therapy, hundreds of narcotic pain pills, and muscle relaxers, I found you.  Many times I wanted to quit and go back to taking pills because I did not understand the natural healing process that my body had to go through, nor did I understand that the muscle relaxers & pain pills were affecting my bodies ability to heal faster. Because of you & your Staff constantly reinforcing a positive message and encouraging me to stick it out, I am now pill free for the first time in 3 years. The healing process is still a work in progress and I understand that there are several more steps to complete before I am on the monthly maintenance plan, having said that, I would never go back to the traditional medical way of dealing with my back. Corey Chiropractic is and will always be my first response when it comes to my back, my health, and my overall well being.

I could keep writing because there is so much to say. My best advice for anyone who is considering Corey Chiropractic, or is just starting, listen to what Dr Corey & her staff say, apply as much as possible to your healing process, and in time, you will begin to feel the change in your body and your Spirit. Yes, Happiness can come from healing your body. Working in the yard, playing golf, putting my shoes on, and riding in my car each day for two hours at a time with out suffering for it for days are some of the simple pleasures that Corey Chiropractic has brought back into my life, so yes, my happiness today is in no small part due to the efforts of Dr Corey & her staff.   -Jonathan H
I had never been to a chiropractor before, but when my 10 year old daughter began suffering from chronic migraines, I was willing to try something new to help her. Over several months, I had taken my daughter to see her pediatrician and a neurologist. She did a sleep study, an MRI and she took multiple medications. The prescriptions were clearly not working, but when I spoke to them about alternate treatments, like chiropractics, they would dismiss me and increase her medications. I became very frustrated and decided on my own to seek out a chiropractor. I found Dr. Corey's site. I'm so glad I did. My daughter is off all her migraine medications and has been headache free for many months now. I was so impressed with her treatment and concern for my daughter, that I decided I should see her too! I had been through a similar experience with my foot. I saw the podiatrist, had x-rays, an MRI and a nerve study, was prescribed medications and an expensive foot brace, and physical therapy for several months. My foot did not get any better. So I saw Dr. Corey and it was truly amazing how quickly my foot started feeling better. I followed all her advice and now I am able to go for walks again, do yoga and wear flip flops! I am so happy to be pain free. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Corey and her staff. She is always available to my family when we need her and she seems to genuinely care about our well being. Corey Chiropractic had my highest recommendation.   -June B.
I had a fear of chiropractors ever since I was little and went with my mom when she got adjustments. It scared me to hear the loud pops. Years have gone by and I have struggled with some lower back pain for a long time. When my mom started going to see Dr. Corey, she recommended that I go too. Especially since I found out that I was pregnant, I thought it would be as good of a time as any to get everything aligned. I cannot believe I waited this long to experience the benefits of chiropractic care. I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Corey throughout the duration of my pregnancy and I truly believe it has helped me in more ways than one. The spot in my lower back that I always struggled with is absolutely gone. In addition, the pains and strains on my body associated with my pregnancy have been significantly reduced. I am thankful for Dr. Corey and her willingness to work with me and to design a plan to help my body get back on track. I look forward to delivering our little "Corey Chiropractic Baby" who I'm sure will become a patient as well someday soon!  -Lindsey M.
I was skeptical when I first visited Dr. Corey but I had to do something to manage the pain in my ankles and back. I was actually limping because my ankles and feet hurt so bad and I also had serious pain in my shoulders and arm. I drive about 30,000 miles annually and fly almost every week so I had to find a treatment that would get me back on the road painlessly. After visiting other doctors and hearing words like surgery and long term therapy, I knew there must be other options. I gave Dr. Corey a try and was immediately pleased with her ability to ease my pain and lessen my anxiety toward Chiropratic. I am now a believer and very convinced that the treatments have made a significant difference in my posture. Plus, I have no more pain in my legs, back and shoulder. Dr. Corey, Rhonda, and Leslie are awesome to work with and I always look forward to my appointments. Thanks for a great team!   -Chip C.